Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last minutes in Denver

DIA is easily one of the nicest airports in North America. That's where I am now, eating a snack and waiting for my flight to board.

Today was the expected flurry of activity, but it all went off really well. I even got to get on the roof of my house in a light rain and spread asphalt patching compound all over the place to stop a bit of leaking over the back porch, which is exactly as much fun as it sounds. Isn't that what everyone does a few hours before an international flight?

My flight to Los Angeles is delayed 45 minutes, so I'm able to sit in a little cubicle and eat and play on my laptop. DIA has free WiFi, one of not many airports in the U.S. to offer it, so it helps pass the time! The next stop will be a bit of a hassle, I'm sure... I have to claim my three checked bags (which weigh a combined 140-145 lbs.) and get a trolley, then leave the domestic terminal, go outside and take about a five-minute walk to the international terminal, and get my baggage checked with Cathay Pacific. After that, however, I won't have to deal with it again until I arrive in KL, which should be about 12:30 pm local time on Friday (10:30 pm on Thursday in Colorado). It's about a 26-hour journey, which -- considering it's nearly 10,000 miles -- really isn't too bad.

I'm told there are only 50 people on the Southwest flight to LAX, which is great (the plane seats about 130, I think). I'm exhausted so I expect to be drifting off before we even take off. See how tired I look??

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