Friday, September 12, 2008

First week observations...

I've completed my first full week in KL now -- it seems to have flown by, but at the same time, so much has happened, so it feels like a longer period of time.

I accepted the job offer with Emphasis Education Academy. It's not the greatest compensation package in the world, but the pay is good, and it's a convenient location and a very laid-back school. I have classes in the morning and afternoon -- each is three hours. The kids are grouped according to their English proficiency level, not by their age. Most of the students are elementary school-age... typically 6 to 10.

The tutoring is going well, too. I've had two sessions with my student, a Korean boy who turns 16 next month. He's only been studying English for five months, but he's enrolled in an intensive study course at a language school here, and he's a good student, so he's done quite well. We'll be meeting three times a week, each session 90 minutes in length, so it's an easy second job, and the pay is outstanding.

Today, I'm going to to look at some condos in the area near my job. The suburb is called Damansara Perdana, which was the first large-scale development in Malaysia with complete IT-ready infrastructure. It's aimed at middle- to upper-middle class residents and has a lot of major shopping and good restaurants in the immediate area. I'm told it's a nice area, and the housing costs are very, very reasonable there.

Also on the agenda for the upcoming week is finding a car, either to rent or buy.

Everything is happening much faster than I anticipated, for sure! I feel very lucky so far.


Steven said...

Congratulations on your first week in KL. We've been enjoying your reports, and we're definitely looking forward to more. Please post some pix of daily life (including the hyperstore) if you get the chance. Good luck on the condo search!

Pkr said...

First week in KL...

I hope the city have showed you some positive changes and it is better than the time you arrived, back to 6 years ago.